Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Travel Diary #1: 3 Days in Paris

I was actually in Paris in July during the summer, and wanted to share some photos, and a video I made for my youtube channel. I remember going to Paris when I was 7, and I was so happy to be back 10 years later. Even though Paris is beautiful and it is a place I will never forget, going to paris in the summer is hectic, it's peak season. So advice to future me and to all of you, if you don't like big crowds avoid paris in the summer time, but if it's up your ally then go for it. Either way Paris is still are marvellous place. Till next time Paris.

My thoughts and prayers go out to the victims of the Paris attacks. 

I apologize for my obnoxious tourist photo by the louvre, did it for the instagram.


Tuesday, 22 December 2015

My Christmas Wish List

Christmas is coming and you know what that means... presents! Yes I know christmas is not all about presents and materialistic things but it is part of a great festivity! Disclaimer: This is just a wish list I am not expecting to get all of this. #youtuberinstincts 

  1. Daniel Wellington Classic Sheffield (Rose gold) - This watch has been on my mind for a whole year now and I never got myself to buying it myself, so I mean it won't hurt to add it to my christmas wish list.
  2. Sephora Gift Card - Self explanatory, I just love makeup.
  3. #GIRLBOSS by Sophia Amoruso - This book has been on my book list for a while and my absolute favorite online store is Nasty gal (the author is the CEO of Nasty gal).
  4. Leather boots - I have always wanted leather boots but never bought one, so I just thought this would be a stable for when I go to colder climate countries.
  5. Kindle - I was skeptical about kindles for a very long time but after strong evaluation (not really) it is quite useful. I would also love to get back to reading again.
  6. Quay My Girl Sunglasses - Quay sunglasses are my absolute favorite and I live in a country that is hot all year, so one more to my collection won't hurt.
  7. Cards Against Humanity - This is probably the funniest and weirdest card game I have ever played, some people may not find it funny, but if you have a group of friends and you bring out this game I'm sure it will end with a lot of laughing.
  8. S'Well Water Bottle - This may be weird asking for a water bottle but look at how trendy that water bottle is. I believe that investing in a water bottle is good because it hydrates you and that IS how you live. (just an excuse for me to get a trendy overpriced water bottle). 

I hope you all have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
- EK

Sunday, 20 December 2015

How to Deal with College Rejection 101

Rejection can be hard no matter how little or big it is, and US university early outcomes are in season. It is also common to have a dream school and it can't be easy to see a rejection from that school because it may feel like they think you're not "good enough". I am writing this because I just went through this and it wasn't easy but it gets better, trust me. So here are some of my tips that have somewhat worked for me.

1. You don't have to be okay right away.

If it is a university you have been dreaming of going to your whole life, it's not going to be easy on you so it's ok to be sad, let yourself be sad, because it's going to help in the long run. Also I have read somewhere to treat this like a breakup, it will take time for you to "get over it".

2. Talk to someone

For me this helped a lot, it gave me another perspective that made me feel better about the situation. So whoever you trust and feel comfortable with, just talk to them and I'm sure they will help you feel better.

3. Hangout with friends or family

Having company can really help, go hang out with your friends can help you forget about it a bit.

4. Go Shopping

If you enjoy shopping then this is probably one of my top tips, because from my own experience I did this the day after I got the rejection and helped tremendously!

5. Go Exercise

I know you probably did not want to hear this but yes, exercise is going to help you feel better, it releases endorphins which are chemicals that make you feel happier, plus you get a workout out of it.

6. Know that it wasn't meant to be

Yes I know this is may be cliché but personally I believe everything happens for a reason.

7. You will end up in a place that you will love

Just like what I said before you will end up where you were meant to be.

So those are just some of my tips if you're going through this, and just know that if you're having a hard time dealing this, just know that everything eventually will get better.

- EK 

Sunday, 3 May 2015

Post SAT Happiness?

Well hello there, it's been a while, I would apologise but there is really no one to apologise to (so funny Emma). I've recently just finished the SAT, let me just say that the SAT is the most useless exam that I have taken. I get that you have to take it to get into an American university, but it's 2015 how is knowing perfect grammar and words that you will never learn show the university you're a good fit for them. The system is messed up, I'm sorry that I'm ranting but that is just personally what I think about the SAT. I also find it strange how they force international students to take the SATs, we come from a different education background and the college board expects us to do as great as kids in america, it's absolutely ridiculous.

I'm sorry for the rant, but I just had to vent. This is just an update post on what I have been doing lately. I have had quite the uneventful month filled with exams and fatty foods. On the bright side summer is only in 7 weeks, which is quite exciting. I'll be in Bangkok, London, Boston and New York City this summer and you don't even know how excited I am. I'm looking forward to see my family back in Bangkok since I don't live there anymore (I live in singapore now), and I'm very very excited to explore London, Boston and New York this summer. The only reason why I'm going to Boston and New York is to look at universities, and the topic of universities has been the core of most of the topics anyone around me talks about these days. I don't mind it really I like talking about the future it's exciting especially if it's about uni. before heading to the bustling city of London I will be with my half brother for a bit since I rarely see him and it would be nice to get to explore places outside of london. It's a shame that I'm not applying to any universities in the UK, but I know I've made up my mind and the US has been my goal for years.

Other than my plans for the future I have felt a lot less stressed lately, which is an amazing feeling. Since I have finished my SATs I won't have to worry about it again until the next school year, which will be my senior year! its scary how fast time is going I remember when I became a freshmen in high school I never thought the day would come.

Well thats all for today, I'm going to try to update this blog a little more, even though its "hell term" defined by the students at my school which is during term 3 of the first year of IB. Wish me luck!

- EK