Sunday, 23 October 2016

College is Weird

Yes College is kinda weird. But not in a bad way. 

I feel like I've waited for college my whole life, researching since the age of 15 and dreaming about going to the "ideal school". Now I'm here sitting in my dorm room on my lifted bed at 12:46am writing on my blog (that no one will probs see cause I don't know how to use this platform lol).

The concept of "university", having the freedom and a whole new fresh start was something I've always looked forward too. Living in a whole new city and making new memories with different people. However, sometimes I forget that not everything is handed to me on a golden plate, especially how I feel in a new environment. I keep reminding myself that it is going to take me at least 8 months to feel comfortable or like a new environment and I think that is a great tactic (well for me, pls don't follow my advice).

Let me put a picture in your head on how I imagined college to be like.

Clueless me walking through the hallways of my freshmen dorm built a little like a prison cell where were supposed to "cherish" and "grow" I start to move in all my stuff and of course I decide to leave my door open. I say hi to people walking past me and they introduce themselves and I do the same. During welcome week I would meet a range of amazing people and really click with a lot of them. I would then magically be part of a friend group with a good ratio of guys and girls and we would go out on weekends and have a blast. I then meet more of my friends through my lectures and other random places and I love it right away.

Sorry to break it to you but it isn't exactly like that, but it doesn't mean its better than what I have actually experienced.

You simply can not predict the future a lot of the time. I believe everything happens for a reason. During move in and the first week I probably really became friends with about 4 people, you may be thinking omg you're so unsocial you meet so many people the first week. one part of that is true and one of that is not. Yes, I met A LOT of people my first week but it doesn't mean we clicked or became friends. It takes more than just a "hey whats your name" to become friends with someone. However I met one of my closest friends here so far on the first week and I'm really happy about that. I expected everything to happen to quickly. I thought that making friends in classes would be easy but I was wrong and it is actually harder to make friends in classes cause you go in, listen to the professor and then leave. Fortunately from the 2 months I have been here I have developed some friendships with some people in my classes and school work is getting better and more copable (that is not a word but you know what I mean). After 2 months I feel like I've found great friends that I can trust even though I'm still getting to know all of them.

Just remember that time heals and solves everything. You're hungry but you don't want to eat? wait it out. You're in a rut in college and want to transfer? Give it a year, I usually don't tell people to listen to my advice but from my own experiences time really helps.

If you have gotten this far, wow well done if I saw this on the internet I for sure would not read something this long written by a clueless 18 year old.